^ - Specialist In game Training is required to access

Virtuoso Skill Cost Prerequisites Description
Companion - Charm
Extra Charming 3 Charm,

Guild Member [Companion]

For each time you purchase this virtuoso skill, you gain an extra use of the charm skill, as described in the main skills section. You can purchase this as many times as you have points in Sophistication
Attended Finishing School 4 Extra Charming Using the charm skill is reduced to 4 minutes
Irresistible ^ 5 Attended Finishing School So well trained are you in the arts of manipulation, that small breaks in the conversation will not interrupt your use of the Charm Skill. Small breaks include someone interrupting to ask a simple question. This skill also increases the amount of credits earned for taking companion jobs
Companion - Group Work
Lucky in Love 3 Lucky star,

Guild Member [Companion]

You are as efficient and practical as you are skilled. You take one minute off the time it takes you to restore a point of luck.
Crowd Pleaser 4 Lucky in Love The companions lucky star skill can be applied to 3 people at once if they are "performing", this can take many forms from reading a book to characters, singing, playing an instrument, performing a tea ceremony etc. It works in all ways as per the Lucky star skill but allows it to be used on an audience.
Lucky in Life ^ 7 Crowd Pleaser Once a day, the companion may choose to spend a luck point to do one of the following things

- Increase their bleed time by one minute

- If on a contract, spend a luck point to increase the amount of credits they earn,

- Spend their own luck point negate a card effect if it was to have a negative result for directly affecting you.

Companion - Contacts
With my Reputation? 3 Guild Member [Companion] You gain an increased rate of income of any companion job you do, in both up and downtime
Don't you Know Who I Am 4 With my Reputation? The companion is less likely to have their identity checked by any security force, as they are so well known in the verse. If they are without identity documents, some security members may help the companion by granting them a new one.
Specialist Contacts ^ 5 Sophistication 3,

Don't you Know Who I Am

So well-known are you in the companion's guild that people may call upon you once per event. These contracts may pay above the odds or may give special favours
Friends in High Places 6 Contacts,

Guild Member [Companion]

You have friends in positions of authority and once per event you may call upon your contacts for a relevant favour.
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