Lightning Bug Larp Wiki

Whether you are ‘packing’, ‘strapped’ or just plain armed, many folks in the ‘Verse travel the Black with a little friend or two, or fifteen. Whether you wield a knife, a toolkit, a six shooter, a scalpel or sniper rifle the equipment you carry is there to help you live your life. Within this chapter we document how you go about obtaining and using your tools.

Starting Money

Each player begins play with  equipment  up  to  a  value  dependent  upon  their Sophistication. Any unspent money from this equipment allocation will be placed in the character’s bank account or given to them physically depending upon their origin and background.

Sophistication Starting Credits
1 100
2 200
3 300

Core worlders will have Credits and Border/Frontier worlders will have Dollars unless requested otherwise beforehand.

A character with the Assets merit has an additional 250 with which to purchase starting equipment.

Exchange Rate

1 Credit = 50 Dollars

The 'Verse contains both Credits, typically used in the Core World, and Dollars, typically used in the Border and beyond. The official exchange rate holds at 50 to 1, though this is prone to fluctuations IC.

Starting equipment

The following is a list of items that may be purchased at start up. Some items listed here have role- played IC effects (such as a first aid kit) and are of value, some have actual effects (such as vision enhancement goggles) but are sufficiently rare IC to have a cost despite their effects not having a rules mechanic.

Other items listed have either an IC mechanic or actual effect but are of negligible IC cost so are listed simply to remind players they may possess these items. Interesting gadgets and gizmos are encouraged.

You will be able to purchase most items from local traders once play begins but the prices will vary from world to world depending on the local supplies.

Characters can start play with items listed as 40 credits or less and will often be able to find such items readily, the more expensive an item to harder to source it will be and will be reliant on background and having an IC reason okayed by plot. Military grade items will require specialist contacts to source.

General Equipment

Name / Description Cost (in credits)
Vision-enhancement Tech - Items such as night-vision goggles, scopes, infrared cameras.

Refs may provide additional descriptions if asked for. OOC functionality not required though is recommended. Please buy additional pieces of tech for each individual task required of it.

Interface Flexi - A flexible display screen that operates by touch input. Is capable of receiving and transmitting data to the local Cortex source and storing information.

NB: This device cannot be used to solve Cortexing problems.

Handheld Computer - Similar to the Interface flexi in function, it resembles a present day palm top. The Handheld has an edge over the flexi in that it may write data to a physical storage medium such as a disc or card, and be used for Cortexing. 50
Case Computer - Similar to the Handheld in function it resembles a present day tower system. They are large and require an outside power source in order to operate. The difficulty in finding a power source and transporting these systems makes them unpopular amongst those on the move. 100
Lock-picks - For use when attempting to pick a mechanical lock using the Open Lock skill. 10
System-bypass Tools - For use when attempting to pick an electronic lock using the Open Lock skill. 40
Spacesuit - For use in deep space salvage missions and other highly hazardous environments. Highly vulnerable to damage. 50
Mechanic's tools - For use with the Mechanic skill. 50
Armour Repair Kit - For use in repairing Armour Kits. Halves total repair time expected. 50
Fake ID card - A fake identity card allows you to avoid dealing with your past. Of course the quality of these IDs vary with the seller, their abilities and the price paid. 500-2,000
Demolitions Kit - A one use only kit capable of well...demolishing things. Requires appropriate skills to use. Restricted access. 50
Immunisation Packet - Immunises against common disease and infection for six months. 5
First Aid Kit - Needed to use the Paramedic or First Aid skills. Bandages, splints, stretchers and wound foam all fit. 20
Field Medical Kit - For use when stabilising a bleeding character using the Medicine skill. 35
Doctor's Bag - For use when performing more advanced and specialist treatments of disease 50
Surgeon's Tools - For use when operating on a character using the Surgery skill. 50
Field Science Kit - For use with Forensics and other science based skills to gleam further information 35


Armour HP Bonus Cost (In Credits)

Light Armour

For use with the Armour [Light] skill.

Typically represented by Stab Vests, Heavy Leathers or Light Joint Padding. One body area must be fully,covered.

+2 20

Medium Armour

For use with the Armour [Medium] skill.

Typically represented by Flak Vests or Reinforced Heavy Leathers. Three body areas must be fully covered.

+3 40

Heavy Armour

For use with the Armour [Heavy] skill.

Typically represented by Full Ballistic Armour, Full Riot Armour or Similar. All body area (head, chest,,arms, legs) must be covered.

+4 60

Restricted Weapons

While this list is a base line, Other Restricted Weapons may exist. Contact your local arms dealer for prices!

Restricted Weapons
Weapons Cost

(in Credits)

Machine Gun - A heavy weapon for delivering vast quantities of lead towards your enemies. 600
Grenade Launcher - A heavy weapon for lobbing specialist grenades over large distances at high speed. 800
Impact Grenade - A Single Fragmentation Grenade Designed for launching from an appropriate Launcher (no phys rep required) 200
Grenades - A single Military Fragmentation Grenade to throw or emplace. [Phys rep provided by event team] 150
Pipe Bombs - Cheap and simple explosive devices. [Phys rep provided by event team] 100
Sniper Rifle - A long-barrelled rifle for delivering bullets over great distances with precision.

Comes with a free piece of Visual Enhancement Tech


These prices may also vary dependent on who your talking to, where you're buying from and how much they like you. Remember to treat your gun runners well, otherwise you might getting the surplus unification war rounds rather than the nice shiny ones which.. fell off the back of that alliance mule.


Each firearm carried has a set number of shots, whilst it is understood that in the normal game situations you will have a large amount of ammunition for your pistols and ordinary rifles, you should still reload once you have fired as many shots as the weapon should carry.

For the most part ammunition is considered part of character routine upkeep costs in downtime, however specialist ammunition requires seeking out the right authorisations and a fairly flexible definition of your entitlement to it.

IC, ammo for more specialist weapons is represented by phys reps (i.e. explosives) or limited number of damage calls.

All firearms are grouped into skill sets and it is the skill set that the weapon uses that defines the damage done, so all pistols do ‘Single’, rifles do ‘double’ and Sniper Rifles do ‘Quad’ as discussed in the main rules. Each phys rep governs the number of shots a weapon can make before needing to be role-played reloading, e.g. a double barrelled shotgun or derringer clearly only make two shots were as most semi-automatic/pump-up shotguns carry around eight.

Machine Gun And Sniper Rifle Ammunition

These heavy weapons are more expensive to run than their small arms counterparts. Highly specialised rounds or Rounds in great quantity have to be procured before every mission.

For each Machine gun and Sniper rifle your crew wishes to use, you must pay an upkeep.

500 Credits Per Downtime for Machine Guns.

800 Credits Per Downtime for Sniper Rifles.


The below table gives a rough indication of how many rounds are in each weapons magazine, clip or belt.

This might differ between weapon platforms within their own class, but these numbers represent a general figure.

Weapon Common Magazine Capacity
Hold Out Pistol 4
Revolver 6
Semi-Automatic Pistols 8 -10
Pump-Action Shotgun 8 - 10
Rifle 10 - 14
Assault Rifle 32
Machine Guns 100
Sniper Rifles 8


Below is a list of common weapons and also some unusual ones that make their way into the ‘Verse. These are just examples to inspire players whilst outlining what is expected of more specialist equipment.

Restricted access weapons will need justification to the game team to be bought. This may be a strong military background, active law enforcement, black market contacts etc. Alternatively, they may be found or sought out ingame.

Advanced Weapons need specialist maintenance if damaged (i.e. a Mechanic with Mechanic Spec or Knowledge Gunsmithing) and are vulnerable to damage (i.e. from direct impact, fire, EMP blast)

Silencers and Laser Dots

In a calls based system, it is hard to represent a silenced/suppressed firearm. Although you may fit the phys rep onto your gun, it will have no direct IC impact to reduce confusion. The exception to this the Ref Supervised action Sniper shot.

Laser dots sights, although realistic, can pose a threat to vision if of high enough strength. For this reason, we ask our players to not use them with their guns. Rail attached flashlights should be used sensibly (i.e. be cautious to not disrupt people's night-vision over rough terrain).

Certain weapons have special considerations available to them and these are listed below:

Stun weapons

All types of stun weaponry do the normal level of damage for their size but as Stun damage meaning instead of putting the target into their bleed count it will instead render them unconscious. They are advanced weaponry which is more complicated to fix anything that goes wrong with them, requiring a mechanic with specialized knowledge to repair.


Within close range shotguns can call for Double Knockdown or Open Lock on a locked unarmoured door.

Machine Pistols

These weapons can be wielded single handily and if used with the Sinister Dexter Virtuoso, dual wielded to call for Covering Fire three times a day.

Machine Gun

LMG's can be used to call for Heavy Fire three times a day. Machine Guns are restricted items requiring specialist contacts to acquire and supply with ammunition, often security forces will expect such items to be registered and explained why you have them with you.

Sniper Rifles

Specialist Rifles with magnified optics grant use of Virtuoso Dead Shot (only whilst firing a sniper rifle). With Ref supervision, may grant an extended (.i.e. outside of voice range) shot. Role-play and highly accurate description of target expected. Only to be used when no active combat is occurring. Sniper Rifles are restricted items and require specialist contacts to acquire and supply with ammunition, often security forces will expect such items to be registered and explained why you have them with you.

Grenade Launchers

Launchers designed to lob explosive projectiles over a short distance.

These weapons are military grade, expensive and hard to come by. Requiring specialist contacts to acquire and specialist mechanics to repair.

Rounds for these launchers come in a wide range of types and grades, from frags to the highly technologically advanced stun.

Rocket-propelled Grenade, Rocket and Missile Launchers

Devastatingly powerful in the right hands, these weapons come from the Humble Chem Rocket to the Military Grade Anti-Tank Guided Missile. Ref Supervision is required when preparing to fire one of these weapons.

Rockets, RPG's and Missiles come in a range of costs, but all are expensive. Even more so to those with no legal reason to own one.

These weapons are advanced weaponry which are more complicated to fix anything that goes wrong with them, requiring a mechanic with specialized knowledge to repair.

Shuttles and Mules


Used for short atmospheric runs, transferring cargo between ships with incompatible docking hatches or entering the atmosphere when your ship doesn't have an atmospheric flight capability.


Brand new - 4,000 Credits

20 Year Old - 2,000 Credits

Ex-Military Shuttles

20 Year Old - 6,000 Credits (Unarmed)


Mules are smaller planet based cargo or personnel haulers designed to carry and run around. Some feature anti-gravity drive whereas others employ the trusty wheel to get about. Investors will not purchase second hand or dated mules as they are considered little more than scrap, however second hand dealers can be found on most frontier settlements if you have spare dollars. 

Grav mule: 1000 credits new.

Land mule: 200 credits new.

Specialist Weapon Profiles

Explosives & Grenades
Damage Quad Boom
Skill Thrown or Mechanical Specialization [Demolitions]

and/or Knowledge [Demolitions]

Reload Single Use
Special Restricted

Appropriate LARP safe physreps will be supplied by Lightning Bug Larp.

Explosives may be laid down strategically with appropriate skills to cause significant damage, ref supervision to use

La Matte Grapeshot

The La Matte Grapeshot was originally an antique from Earth that was but due to a vid-hero of a popular show on the Cortex was re-made as a cartridge firing weapon.

La Matte Grapeshot (or equivalent hand cannon)
Damage Single
Skill Pistols and/or Rifle/Shotgun Reload Nine Pistol

One Shotgun

Special Can be used as ordinary nine shot revolver with Pistols,

If have Rifles/Shotgun skill and both hands on the weapon can call for Open Lock or in short range (10 feet or less) may call for Single Knockdown.

Assault Rifle with underbarrel armaments

Alliance infantry often opted to sacrifice a degree of accuracy for a little extra oomph on the battlefield and instead of attaching handy lights or laser sights to the under rail of their assault rifles they would instead use either a one-shot shotgun or a grenade launcher.

Assault Rifle with underslung shotgun
Damage Double
Skill Assault Weapons Reload Thirty-Two Rifle

One Shotgun

Special If placed against a door handle can perform Open Lock on non-armoured doors.
Assault Rifle with underslung Grenade Launcher
Damage Double/Boom
Skill Assault Weapons and Heavy Weapons Reload Thirty-Two Rifle

One Impact Grenade

Special Restricted

Laser Pistol

Since Lassetter made the first laser pistol these age old stalwarts of science fiction have become science fact to anyone rich enough to own one.

Laser Pistol
Damage Single
Skill Pistols Reload 20 Special
Special Advanced Weapon, Highly Restricted