Generic Virtuoso Skills.



Cost Prerequisites Description
Generic – Sophistication
Card Shark 2 2 Sophistication You are expertly good at the card table; this will have various beneficial effects during downtime.
Contacts [X] 2 2 Sophistication Once per event you may call upon your contacts for a relevant favour and they may assist you in downtime.,You may purchase Contacts multiple times choosing different types each time.
Generic – Survival
Survival Mastery 4 Survival You are well versed in Survival and even if another Survivalist has covered their tracks you can still track them. You are pretty much immune to routine environmental and adverse conditions.
Generic – Conceal
Sly as a Fox 3 Conceal You may,conceal two small weapons (such as daggers or pistols) or items about your,person rather than just one.
Generic - Hero
Big Damn Shiny Hero 0 You can sacrifice your character with no chance

of reprieve to accomplish a goal in true heroic fashion. Please seek a Ref before use.

Too Pretty to Die 6 Big Damn Shiny Hero Increases your store of Luck points by 1.
Generic – Crew
War Stories 2 Pilot If another member of your crew is rendered unconscious through combat then you may pick up and use any weapon they were carrying until the danger has passed, even if you do not have the requisite skill. This allows you while standing over the crew member to make use of the covering fire skill until they are moved back to safety, showing your dedication and willingness to risk all for your crew, at the end of the danger you will fall unconscious for 10 minutes or until suitable role play is used to wake you.
Friends in Low Places 6 Contacts, Pilot You have friends on the streets and spaceports

across the ‘Verse. Once per event you may call upon your contacts for a relevant favour.

Generic - Tough
Iron Body 6 Stun Resistance or Tough X 2 You may ignore the Stun,effect call once per day (with Stun Resistance this means you can do this,twice a day)
Lung Capacity 6 Tough By roleplaying holding your breath you may operate for three minutes (3 minutes),without breathing; this makes you immune to some Gas calls and allows you to,survive in areas where others would suffocate.
Generic - Forger
Improved Forger 8 Forgery You,are an expert Forger: passable fakes and cons can be done in your sleep and,with little to no cost. Almost-perfect jobs are mundane for you. Perfect,performance is now obtainable with the right skills and resources.
Generic - Forensic's
Improved Forensic Analysis 8 Forensic Analysis You are an expert Analyst, able to glean far more information and deduce more,links
Generic - Open Lock
Whatever is to Hand 6 Open Lock Once per day you may open a lock without having lock-picks or,system-bypass tools.
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