^ - Specialist In game Training is required to access

+ - Complicated actions that if interrupted must be started again.

Virtuoso Skill Cost Prerequisites Description
Medical - Generic
Anaesthetist 6 Medicine You may assist a Surgeon during their procedure. You may reset the bleeding player's death count back to zero seconds at the start of the Surgical Card Draw, giving the Surgeon their full 5 minutes to work.
Frontier Doctor 6 Frontier or Border World Background, Medicine You may use any available materials at hand for your first-aid if a first-aid kit is not available.
High Tech Surgery 6 Core World or Ship Born Background, Medicine When using your First Aid Kit or applicable workspace (such as an infirmly at a hospital or the medical bay of a ship) after performing surgery you raise the character by 1 additional Hit point.
Medical - Paramedic
Saving Private Reynolds 3 Paramedic, Endure You may continue applying a Paramedic bleed count pause even if you are interrupted (i.e. come under fire)
Plug the hole with your finger!+ 4 Paramedic You may perform a Paramedic bleed count pause on yourself and may move whilst doing this. You may only walk/stagger away and make no other actions.

If you are interrupted, the pause ends.

Snap Out of it! 4 Paramedic You may wake someone from unconsciousness (i.e. by Strike or Stun damage, or on their -4 death count)
Medical - Consultant
Cash for Consulting 2 Medicine,

Knowledge [X]

Gives a varied income in downtime.

The Knowledge Required for this skill must be medically related.

Specialist Consultant 5 Cash for Consulting You no longer incur a fee to restock your medical supplies between events.

If dealing with a problem, covered by your consultant topic, (if you are either the lead surgeon or assisting surgery) when the surgery is resolved owing to your skill and expertise you have been able to heal them to a level beyond a normal surgeon.

On completing the surgery patients hits are restored to 0.

Peer review ^ 7 Specialist Consultant The consultant within their field, is so well renowned they have made specialist medical contacts, they may call upon these contacts, once per day for favours, access to equipment, or assistance if needed.

You may remove a single card permanently from your surgery deck, if you have the surgery skill

Medical - Nurse
Bed side manner 4 Medicine Twice a day, through appropriate roleplay, using the phrase "I need you to hold it together" the medic can suppress a single flaw from the following list on a target for up to ten minutes:

- The Shakes

- Pernickety

- Addiction

- Space sickness

- Combat paralysis

The medic cannot be the target of their own bedside manner

Nurse 4 Medicine Patients in your care recover lost body at twice the normal speed; you must role-play regularly attending to their needs. This means a patient that has been seen to by a doctor/surgeon first will now recover a hit point every 15 minutes (rather than the usual 30 minutes or 'natural' 1 hour).
The Nightingale 4 Nurse When assisting in surgery, you may remove one of the cards from the leading doctor's Surgical draw.

This must be made prospectively during the draw, i.e. can't wait to see all your cards before choosing.

Use once per day

Rehabilitation ^ 4 The Nightingale Allows the character to recover from the permanent injury effect gained from the use of the virtuoso Flat-liner in downtime.

These sessions require at least 1 full event attended together and 1 downtime of work, the rehab provider using 1 month, the patient using up all 3

Medical - Nurse (Pharmacy technician)
Take Two & See Me in the Morning 6 Nurse You may administer the necessary medication to another that they can ignore the effects of pain, essentially giving them an improved version the Endure Skill.

For the next 30 minutes they can role-play being unfazed by any injury and act normally.

Any player on 0 hit point or more is instantly elevated to their full hit points.

This skill may only be used once per hour. You may not use this skill on yourself.

Physician, Heal thy Self ^ 8 Take Two & See Me in the Morning You no longer incur a fee to restock your medical supplies between events

You can self-medicate using Take Two & See Me in the Morning and may stabilise/heal but not perform surgery on yourself.

Medical - Surgeon
Barber Surgeon Quartet 4 Surgery When you assist another character in resolving their surgery problem, the solution takes 30 seconds less to resolve.

Note - This does not stack with other Barber Surgeon Quartet's.

Subtract 30 seconds from the time shown on the card. This stacks with other Surgeon Virtuoso skills to a minimum of 10 seconds.

Gifted Surgeon 6 Surgery You reduce the time required 30 seconds per card of any surgery you undertake.

This Reduction is to a minimum of 10 seconds.

Flat-liner ^ 8 Gifted Surgeon If you reach a patient that has died in the last five minutes, then you may return them to life with suitable role-play. There is a coin flip (performed by the ref) which will decide if this is successful or not.

Any character restored in this way will gain an appropriate permanent injury role-play effect.Flat-liner cannot be used again on this character until they are Rehabilitated.

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