^ - Specialist In game Training is required to access

Virtuoso Skill Cost Prerequisites Description
No Wash Out 3 Pilot Upkeep of a ship costs 10% more if this person is your pilot. You know how to push a ship to get the most of its speed.

The ship suffers less damage flying and landing in difficult atmospheres.

High G Manoeuvres 3 Pilot You have the High-G tolerance required for combat manoeuvres in atmosphere and space.This may narratively change the outcome of some actions while piloting ships and Shuttles.
Leaf on the Wind 4 High G Manoeuvres A pilot piloting a ship or shuttle may expend Luck points to negate the effects of one hit on their vehicle per point of Luck as if they were being personally targeted.
Define Interesting ^ 7 Leaf on the Wind You can land your ship regardless of the damage it has sustained. This does not necessarily mean you can do so without injury or in one piece but certainly alive. Any landing you can crawl away from right?
Land on a Dime ^ 7 Leaf on the Wind You have trained to be able to land and take off rapidly in dangerous environments, being able to perform daring actions under fire to pick up or put down both people and cargo. You can land your ship in places that people say are impossible to get to, at ref’s discretion.

This Narratively may change the outcome of some actions while piloting ships and shuttles.

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