^ - Specialist In game Training is required to access

+ - Complicated actions that if interrupted must be started again.

Virtuoso Skill Cost Prerequisites Description
Shepard - Unshakable
The Good Book 2 Faith Member As a recognised member of the faith, strangers are more likely to help you out in a greater time of need.

This is recognised in game by NPC actions.

Stoic 4 The Good Book You may counter the effects of a charm upon you regardless of whether it goes against the tenets of your faith. When a Companion attempts to use charm you must respond with "I must politely decline" to show that the effect does not work.

This skill can be used 3 times a day for free and any uses above that take 1 luck point to use.

Unshakable Faith ^ 6 Stoic So strong is the faith of the preacher that

some say their deity guides their hand.

Gain +1 luck, Twice per day a preacher may hold a spiritual guidance session with an individual, after this the preacher can grant that person an extra luck point for the next combat. The person and the preacher must be on their maximum luck to make use of this skill and this takes 5 minutes of roleplay. The target cannot have the skill used on them more than once a day, and you cannot use this skill on yourself.

Shepard - Ritual
Moment of Clarity 2 Faith Member You may ignore the effects of pain,as you take comfort in your faith. When suffering grievous wounds, extreme conditions, etc. you may role-play being unfazed by the experience. You may ignore interruptions to complex actions involving your faith.

You may also act during a Covering/Heavy Fire call but you will take damage.

Tending the Flock 5 Moment of Clarity If a character is in negative Body, therefore bleeding, you may take up position next to them and begin praying, performing rituals and offering wisdom to the injured party. If you do so their bleeding count will be paused for as long as you do this, up to a maximum of 15 minutes. You can use this skill once per hour.,This skill cannot be used whilst Surgery is being done. This skill may stack with First Aid and Paramedic. You may not perform any other action/move whilst doing this.
Last Rites+ 5 Tending the Flock Can use tending the flock for 5 minutes during surgery. This skill stacks with other bonus that will reduce the time on the surgical deck.
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