The Sherpa-class freight hauler is the well-known product of the little known Tir’Anon Shipyards. The ugly but functional vehicle was designed to move standardized cargo containers and is basically just a frame with engines and a cockpit attached. The ship manoeuvres over a container, picks it up, and takes it to its destination. The pulse drive is minimal but enough to get the job done.

The four side-mounted engine pods can independently rotate from straight back to 45 degrees down-forward (a 135 degree arc). It takes a little practice to get the most out of the unique set up, but with a skilled pilot at the controls the Sherpa can perform some very precise and impressive manoeuvring.

This, unfortunately, upped the cost of the basic model and since that sort of precision isn’t really needed in most freight missions, the cheaper but less agile Wren class eventually became the industry standard. Still, there are thousands of Sherpa’s out there and they will likely be around for a long time to come.

Special Notes

The Sherpa's Modular Cargo system allows it to pick up and put down standardised cargo containers. These containers however may be built with purposes other than simply transporting cargo.

The List below Covers a list of standardised HMT 337 Containers available for purchase from Tir'Anon.

Module Cargo Additional Passengers/Crew Special Notes Cost
Cargo Container 64 Tons N/A N/A 500
Passenger Module N/A 40 / 1 3rd Class Transport 1,000
Cryogenic Module N/A 6 / 1 Cryogenic Sleep Pods 10,000
Bounty Hunter Module N/A 3 Prisoners / 1 Brig 1,000
Travel Module 3 Suitcases 2 /1 Effectively a Hotel room for two 2,000

Other Container variants may exist, Contact your Tir'Anon Dealer for more information.

Deck Plan

Sherpa Deck 1
Sherpa Deck 2
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