Ships are offered for sale all across the 'verse and vary in quality and facilities. Whilst a budding Captain might find a good purchase and acquire a vessel with full workshop and Infirmary this is not guaranteed and many second hand dealers strip such items out of their vessels and offer them as upgrades.

Over time the value of a ship depreciates which enables a Captain to pick up a ship far beyond his normal means if he doesn't mind it having several million miles on the clock and a severe rust problem.

Vital Ship information

The ship information profiles presented in the wiki are split into vital information in their right hand bar, a description or flavour text followed by any special notes and a Deck plan where available.

This section will Detail these slots, and tell you any important details you need to know,

Cost and Maintenance

A Ships cost and Maintenance will typically be split into three numbers divided by a Slash in the following format.

20,000 / 4,000 / 1,000

200 / 400 / 500

These slashes Denote the age classes of the ship, going left to right as Brand New / 20 Years Old / 40 Years Old

An older ship will be cheaper to buy, but her old nature will bite you in the ass on repairs and upkeep!

Some ships may have one or more of these slots with an N/A. This denotes either the ship is too new of a design to have older models, or that it is unavailable for purchase at all.

Tonnage and Cargo

Tonnage is the total weight of your ship, it can be important to know in some landing zones or for some other ingame reasons.

Cargo Capacity is the total weight of cargo your ship can carry, this can be mixed and matched as you go through the 'Verse picking up different assets. Cargo Capacity can also be converted to other uses (See Ship Upgrades).

Crew And Passengers

These numbers combined are the number of Beds and Bunks available on your ship.

Beds are usually Single Occupancy bunks unless noted in their profiles (the Dragonfly for example having two top rate Double bed rooms for its Captain and one other lucky crew member).

Crew bunks typically have easier access to the vital systems of the ship, and as such you want your trusted engineers and pilots occupying them for ease of access in an emergency.

Likewise, Passengers wont want to be stuffed in with the crew and may refuse to travel with you if you don't have sufficient space.

Crew may occupy Passenger spaces if you need.

Some Ships may have "Specialist Occupancy" Passenger Spaces, Such as Prison Cells or Cryogenic Storage which will be noted on their profiles usually with an Asterisk *.


Speed Ratings go typically from a range of 1 to 9. These are an abstracted concept of the maneuverability, acceleration and long haul speed of your ship.

Speed typically factors into certain downtime actions, but can influence ingame actions as well (like running a blockade to get to the planet for your adventure).

Shuttle Pads

These are Landing pads or External docking points which can accommodate a Shuttle or Shuttle Sized spacecraft such as a AFAS - Shinigami or Skiff Class vessels.

Upgradable Space

These are rooms which are designated for multi-use, and with some resources and elbow grease can be converted into specialist uses (See Ship Upgrades).

Ship Notes

Every ship has its little quirks: some good, some bad, and some frankly life threatening. Being a pilot or a mechanic means learning to love your ship whilst taking full advantage of the former and trying to avoid the latter. Each ship entry will document what Merits and Flaws it comes with.

Ship Merits
Guidance Systems Reduce maintenance costs by an additional 5%.
Smuggler Hold 5% of your cargo space is in hidden away in a smuggler’s hold safe from all but the most thorough examinations.
Shielded Your entire cargo cannot be scanned for,contraband, although this doesn’t help if your ship is boarded.
Brig This ship has fully working and secure prison facilities.
Weapons This ship is armed with cannons. Ammunition for these are rare, illegal and expensive.
Solid This ship is beyond just structurally sound; it is armoured and able to take a beating.
Ship Flaws
High Maintenance Your ship costs a 10% more to maintain.
Infamy The authorities tend to hold a very dim view,of your ship’s class, meaning you are more likely to get pulled over than another ship of its size.
Mistaken Identity Your ship is often mistaken for one still in

Federal service; this can make first impressions with less than legal people tricky.

Brick on the Wind This ship handles like a sow in heat when in the

atmosphere. Landings can be ‘interesting’.

Thirsty Fuel economy is not this craft’s strong point, add 5% to the maintenance bill.

Ship Upgrades

Ship Upgrades are done in downtime through the tinkering action, Below is a list of standardised upgrades that can be made to a ship.

Gear Description Cost (Credits) Space
Garden Bunk 50% reduction for food costs for up to 4 people 500 1 Bunk
Hydroponics Bay 50% reduction for food costs for up to 10 people per ton of cargo hold devoted to this purpose. 1,000 Per Ton Special
Infirmary A fully stocked and well equipped Infirmary for installation on a ship. Should there be no suitable area for performing medical procedures planet side you will be glad of an Infirmary. During downtime, an Infirmary increases your chances of succeeding in a dangerous mission. 1,700 1 Room
Dermal Mender A portable device for reattaching lost extremities and repairing massive tissue loss using the Surgery skill, amongst other uses. 800 N/A
Workshop All the machines and tools needed to maintain, construct and invent equipment.

During downtime a Workshop allows a mechanic to repair broken parts and construct new devices.

1,200 1 Room or 30 Tons
Salvage Gear All the tools needed to salvage parts from derelicts and obtain access to sealed areas. During downtime it increases the success of salvage actions. 500 1 Ton
External engineering tools Large scale industrial equipment for effecting repairs and upgrades to a ships external hull. It can be stored within a ship whilst not in use. During downtime it allows a mechanic to upgrade a ship's exterior. 900 50 Tons when in storage
Cortex Terminal Box Allows secure access to the cortex. Whilst a flexi allows general cortex access a terminal box is designed with the less legitimate user in mind. It is difficult to trace a user accessing the cortex through one of these devices. It is a large box and can be mistaken for a case system. Generally not portable. 800 Negligible
Federal Communications Scanner A highly illegal piece of equipment and thus hard to acquire, a comms-scanner is capable of accessing secured Alliance communications channels enabling a Cortexer to predict Alliance movements and avoid running in with the law during downtime. A scanner has to be wired into a ships long range communications systems in order to function. 10,000 External
Additional Living Space Converting Cargo bays into quarters. 800 + 400 per person 15 Tons per person

While Expansive, This list only covers generic upgrades. Others may be made by skill technicians.

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