Character Advancement (Virtuoso Skills)

Each Virtuoso skill carries a cost to learn, much like normal skills. They may only be learnt after attending your first event (as a player or crew) and can only be learnt once each. In order to learn a Virtuoso Skill, you need to devote the cost in months to train in it. You cannot teach or be taught a

Virtuoso skill, you just have to spend time honing your natural talent. Some Virtuoso Skills have prerequisites, some of which are Virtuoso Skills themselves, therefore representing a 'skill tree' to work through.

The exception is the highest level of Virtuoso, skills so rare and sought after that those who possess them within the verse of course will share their knowledge, for a price.

^ Any skills with this mark will require ‘Specialist in game training access’.

There are NPCs and contacts in the verse, who you can talk with to gain access to the relevant training. These are restricted skills, and a character can only ever have two of these.  They also require an upkeep of one month per two downtimes, this is to symbolise your Continual professional development or CPD, keeping up to date with the latest skills, tech, knowledge etc.

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For Ease of reading the Virtuoso's presented here have been separated into groups for their specific use.

The System itself however does not work on a class based system, the only limitation is your only imagination and time. Its perfectly valid for your pilot to double time as a mechanic, a companion.. or both.

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